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...Agh.. - Morty
I apologise for being unable to comment to you, Falkner! It pleases me so to see you are happy.... However, she tells me that the prophecy is not fufilled. And there is one thing lingering on warning, apparently, as to what will cause it, so she claims.

I took a fine breath of incense, purified my thoughts, and brought my mind at a zenith in thought. I can see him and his cape swaying and the sound of paws padding in the grass. And the vision ends at the sight of a slanted Hypno's eye.

Current Mood: surprised surprised

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deathsagony From: deathsagony Date: September 20th, 2007 07:19 pm (UTC) (Link)
Something is looming as we speak foreshadowing.

A thin, tantric eye...?
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