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     Tumult is cast from the house of indecency, lest they are prayed for.

      Disaster manifested into internal suffering; I will do my best.

     To further the naive one's foretellings, a true channeler shall take this prophecy into study. Son of Iyeyasu and beloved of Mount Silver, do not hang your head low for your perception of shame will be tested.

      A legend is seen to the seeker! A mark in legend, yielded to thy eyes!


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    Happy Birthday. Perhaps a shred of kindness in return for what you do to celebrate will earn your keep, you incorrigible child.

   Speaking of incorrigible children, I have discovered another of note. You may hold a lot of power, but regardless you hold no control of the metaphysical. Intertwined with the spirits, what I can foretell will always outmatch that of a sophisticated brain. As nothing can escape death but nirvana itself, nothing can escape the dead.

  I would divulge further, but I have time to spend with someone of importance.

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   I am not leaving my city again by oath.

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I feel so sad for my challengers! I got caught up with Minaki, and the rites I had to do, and all of the shrines I've visited and the exorcisms in his city... poor poor Alice.

I'll be there right away!!

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  .......It looks like I won't be updating that actively after all.... Ehe, if you don't mind me, I have plans with someone.

As a side note, yes, i did visit Erika. We're pretty good friends and she's joining Minaki and I tomorrow.

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      I had a dream of stained pink flowers on coralesque stems swaying on the wind and insects hovering above them in favor of pollen they were holding. Above the horizon was a clash of steel and a single shot of blood.... but it left the silhouette of the one that fell glowing a divine ring of fire, and the beast he was clashing with deteriorated.

      I am heading towards Celadon City for a few days. :) I will post, since I don't travel often.

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I apologise for being unable to comment to you, Falkner! It pleases me so to see you are happy.... However, she tells me that the prophecy is not fufilled. And there is one thing lingering on warning, apparently, as to what will cause it, so she claims.

I took a fine breath of incense, purified my thoughts, and brought my mind at a zenith in thought. I can see him and his cape swaying and the sound of paws padding in the grass. And the vision ends at the sight of a slanted Hypno's eye.

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     I've been scanning along what my friends' acquaintences have typed to one another and I will say that during moments like these, you should truly cherish the parents you have if it's shaped you well. That was very kind of you Rayth, you'd make a wonderful parent with your type of charisma.

    Lately though I have only thought of one person, and it causes me to contemplate about endless kinds of situations involving he, I, and both of us alike. I've asked her where he is, but alas, he moves so fast...

     On a lighter note, my Floony is expanding and making an adorable face and it's making me laugh like you wouldn't believe.

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How do atheists have the right to control what you believe?!!

I wish Suicune was as an aged dog, barely moving....

He's your boss, watch his damned health. Sure, he's a pompous git, but if you feel so above him have a sense of damned responsibility.

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    Grace told me life in Violet City will change inevitably, by the "steps in the dust." ....Hm.

   Where are you? I miss you, I dream about you, and I worry for you. Are you even in this country? I want you safe and happy, and I hope that you are....

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