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deathsagony's Journal

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I own a gym in Ecruteak and train amongst monks and mediums. I suppose this city has shaped me well; surrounded by monuments, shrines, and old-fashioned entertainment, I've become enamored with tales of many lengths.

The beasts and birds of legends interest me especially, upon seeing them depicted on scrolls... I will, someday, witness these majestic creatures.

Aside from that, I enjoy dining and having discussions with friends.

Hyde//Gengar - Bringer of Chaos and torment. He had once taught me solace in his sinister instability but now I have grown to acknowedge his nature yet not succumb to such.
Fuu//Chimecho - Sweet, serene chimes soothe the mind. Innocent and eager to please.
Ame//Ninetales* - Vindictive yet calm and rational in most circumstances. Beautiful pelt to behold. A gift from a beloved.
Totenköpfe//Dusknoir - Somewhat of a tribute to my Prussian blood. Whimsical, morbid, and full of intellect.
Ping//Rotom - Mischevious possessor of a television, a monk who performed his exorcism is his namesake.
Gusmao//Drifloon - A new friend I saved from dangling against a roof. Loves the humidity as much as I.