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   Hyde and I had to visit a house; the houshi were busy holding a ceremony ^^;

   A toy in some child's house moved around every night, so naturally, Hyde licks it with his long tongue and a Misdreavus comes out. Hyde claimed she wanted to be the boy's friend.

   Well, that's his first pokemon I suppose.

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Oh... goodness, the Indigo League has taken to this site already, and it's composed of mostly the elites. That's a fascinating sight. Simply fascinating.

I suppose the Drifloon has taken to my presence! I affectionately named him Gusmao, and children seem to take to him. I've grown a reputation from small children that I have the 'scary gym' and Gusmao's presence around me annuls that, apparently.

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    After a few hours with this Drifloon, I did some research and discovered they take to humid weather. So I went out this morning with him by the pond next to one of the monasteries. It was especially foggy and wet, and the tiny creature seemed to take to it.

   That's a genial Ghost pokemon. He's adorable, I do hope he wouldn't mind staying.

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   It's pleasant to see new people this way! I have heard rumors that folk from all across Hoenn, Kanto and especially Sinnoh communicate with each other using Livejournal, so I find it very pleasant to join in this internet phenomenon. I don't mean to puport myself, but feel free to comment, add, etcera. I can't bite, and I enjoy hearing stories as much I like telling them.

   Last week I came across the Canalave gymleader in Saffron, holding bags on his arms and many at that triumphantly like a Machamp. Beside him was a well-dressed fellow, fretting he would hurt himself and walking closeby. I'll say, comfortable with my masculinity, that it was cute to see. He resembled a housewife...

   A tiny drifloon caught on my rooftop -- poor thing -- and I've kept him in my house for a few hours now to settle down. It reminds me of the Light  Tower scenario.

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